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The following are all of the resources required to complete this Webquest.  Click on any of the hyperlinks to view the item for printing etc.
Resource Description
KWL Chart What we Know, what we Want to know, and what we Learned.
Inquiry Question Template using a Q-matrix to create the inquiry question for your Webquest.
Resource Checklist Have you finished everything?  Use this checklist to make sure you have completed everything you need to!
Bibliography Format Use this template for any references to be cited (books, internet sites etc.)
Peer Evaluation Complete this peer evaluation at the end of your Webquest.
Venn Diagram Template What information did you find about Pioneers?  What information did you find out about today?  What things are common to both times?
Stretch your Thinking! Suggestions on different graphic organizers you can use to present your information.
Transfer Learning Use this resource for great ideas on how to transfer the learning from this Webquest!  Taken from Information Power Pack: Junior Skillsbook by Carol Koechlin and Sandi Zwaan
Jigsaw Organizer Use this template to organize your findings throughout the Webquest.
Pioneer Game Graphic Organizer Use this graphic organizer to help plan out your Pioneer Game!


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