Pioneers and Present Day Communities Webquest - Lesson 3

Lesson 3 - KWL and Inquiry Question

1)Introduce the lesson with “Play the Great Upper Canada Pioneer Adventure

2) Model how to do a KWL chart on what the students Know, and Want to Know about the origins of the Pioneers.  Split the KWL chart in half, (horizontally), and then model again how to do the communities of today.  At this point, leave the L column blank, but let the students know the class will return throughout the unit to the Learned column to add their information.

3) Introduce the
Question matrix and model how to develop an inquiry question about the origins of the pioneers in Upper Canada as well as the present day communities.  

For example, "Where might the pioneers of Upper Canada have come from in the 1800's in comparison to today's immigrant communities?"  

4) Show the students a large graphic organizer where they will collect their research information in order to answer the main inquiry question.  At this point, divide the class into mixed ability “home groups”; there should be about 5 children per group.

5) Explain how a “
jig-saw” strategy works with each group member becoming an expert in their sub-topic. Once they have completed their research, they will return to their “home group” and share their information with their other group members.  The whole group will then have a completed graphic organizer to answer the inquiry question as well as to use as study notes for their final unit test.

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