Pioneers and Present Day Communities Webquest - Lesson 1

Lesson 1 - Introduction

1) The Teacher will start the unit by reading “Children Around the World” by  
Donata Montanari, ISBN: 1553376846.
2) After the story, discuss the similarities of children all over the world.  Then ask the students why they think people leave their home countries to immigrate to a country like Canada, (better way of life, more opportunities, space, clean air, education, healthcare, peaceful etc...).  

3) Brainstorm why people originally came over in the 1800’s.  Of course use the original list as a reference point, then insert both lists into a Venn diagram.  Label one side Pioneers and the other Present Day.  

4) Discuss the common reasons why people came to Canada in the early 1800’s, as well as today’s reasons.

Assessment - Introduction

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