Pioneers and Present Day Communities Webquest -
Mr. Caruso's Class Performance Task

Mr. Carusoís class will be sharing their information with Dioramas

1) Each expert group will create a diorama with the help of the teacher.  It will be cut in the four corners, so when the lid is removed it will lay flat on a table, or can be hung up on a wall.

2) On the left side of the diorama, draw pictures about your subtopic of information only found during Pioneer Times.

3) On the right side, draw pictures of information only found in present day communities.

4) In the middle, create a model or scene of your information found both during Pioneer, and todayís times.  The model may be made out of any material and should stand up or stick out on itís own.  

5) Make another copy of your final Venn Diagram and attach it to the bottom of the diorama so it hangs down.

6) Create a title for your groupís diorama and attach it to the top.  All information should be typed on the computer.

Here is an example of a completed Diorama:

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