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Independent Research

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Features of Communities Around the World


• demonstrate an understanding that the world is made up of countries, continents, and regions and that people's lifestyles may differ from country to country;

• use a variety of resources and tools to gather, process, and communicate geographic information about the countries studied;

• explain how the environment affects people's lives and the ways in which their needs are met.

Note: all population statistics have been updated from the NationMaster.com website as of January 2006.


Research rubric

Final Hyperstudio Stack Rubric

Student Checkbric - students will mark how well they are working together at the end of each guided research session


-print off enough worksheets, (one for each country and partner research work-8), perhaps put into a duotang to keep research together.

-include one rubric and checkbric for each set of partners

-crayons, pencil crayons, etc...

-computers- a lab setting would be optimum

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-partner up class according to mixed abilities, make sure there is a reader in each partnership


The teacher will read aloud Felix’s adventures around the world. (After each section of the story, indicated by a letter, do guided research).

Guided Research

In partners, the students will visit Felix countries using the provided links and answer the questions on their research worksheets.

***Note, if this is the first time the students have used the Internet for research, it is really important for the teacher to do the guided research with the students step-by-step.

The teacher may want to do show how the site works using the link to Canada as an example.

Independent Research

Once they have completed their research on the Felix countries, each set of partners will select their own country, and using all types of resources, find information about it.


Once their research is complete, the partners will create a 3 card Hyperstudio stack to illustrate their work.

-Card 1 will have a picture of the country’s flag, the population, the climate, and the language

-Card 2 will have pictures of the country’s food, famous places, recreation, and the arts,

-Card 3 will be any holidays and celebrations, and any other interesting facts the students discover


1) During the guided research stage, students will monitor their own progress on a checkbric after they complete each worksheet.

2) Once they move onto the Independent research, they will do a self evalution on their research rubric and hand it in for teacher assessment.

3) When the students complete their Hyperstudio stack, they will do a self and peer evalution before handing it in for assessment.

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