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Student Instructions

Independent Research





You’re almost there!! Make sure your research is complete and has been checked by your teacher.

Now it’s time to use Hyperstudio to create a three card stack and illustrate your research information. Don’t forget to check your rubric to see how your teacher is going to mark you!!!

Card 1

  • draw a flag of your country
  • draw the climate
  • type what language they speak there
  • type the population of the country

Card 2

  • draw some pictures of famous landmarks in your country
  • type about other points of interest.

Card 3

  • draw and type other Interesting Facts you discovered about your country
  • this could include special celebrations, games, traditional clothing etc...


Next Steps

a) Once you have completed your project, go over your rubric with your partner and do a self evaluation.

b)Then, get another set of partners to look at your project and mark your rubric, (peer evaluation).

c) Once you have done a self and peer evaluation, CONGRATULATIONS....you completed the webquest!!!! Don’t forget to hand your final rubric into your teacher.

Most importantly, don’t forget to save your work, and have fun!!!!

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