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Country: Kenya

Capital: Nairobi

Population: 33.8 million

Area: 580,370 sq. km

Major Ethnic Groups: Kikuyu, Abaluhya, Luo, Kamba, Kalenjin, Kisii, Meru, Mijikenda, Masai, and approximately 30 other groups that include Asians, Europeans and Arabs

Languages: Kiswahili and English

Money: Kenyan Shilling

National Flag:



Kenya has a tropical climate with twelve hours a day of sunshine. The people can wear their summer clothes all year long. There is a short rainy season between April and July along the Coast of the country where it is usually hot and humid.



Kenyans like to eat a variety of foods which include: chapati, (flour pancakes), ugali, (steamed cornmeal), spiced rice dishes, and curried stews. The national drink is tea, or “chai”, and tropical fruits are eaten such as mangoes, papayas, and passion fruit.


Recreation and the Arts

Track and Field is very popular among most Kenyans, especially long distance running. Furthermore, soccer, cricket, field hockey, netball, volleyball, and swimming are all enjoyed. A game similar to marbles, called, “putano”, is a children’s game. Kenyans also like to go to the movies, and participate in drama and dance competitions to show their different cultures.


Celebrations and Holidays

There are different religious groups in Kenya, so there are different holidays. The Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter; the Muslims celebrate Eid-al-Fitr; and the Hindus celebrate “Diwali”, the festival of lights. Jamhuri Day is Kenya’s Independence Day celebrated on December 12.


Famous Places and Interesting Facts

Students in Kenya are taught in the English language.

Mount Kenya

Zebras on Safari

Giraffe on Safari

Kenya's Native People


***All information and graphics borrowed from http://www.settlement.org/cp/english/Kenya/index.html

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