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Country: Italy

Capital City: Rome

Population: 58 million

Area: 301,225 sq. km

Major Ethnic Groups: Italians

Language: Italian

Money: Lira

National Flag:



Italy has a varied climate. Some parts have hot summers and mild winters, while other parts have short summers and harsh winters. It rains the most in the spring and autumn.



Italians like to eat traditional Italian dishes which often include pasta, pizza, cheeses, and cold cuts. They like to make their own wines, and drink strong coffee called Expresso.


Recreation and the Arts

Italians love soccer and the best players are “stars” throughout the county. Car racing is another popular sport Italians like to watch. Outdoor games such as “bocce”, which is similar to lawn bowling, and card games like “briscola and scopa” are played throughout the country.

There are a lot of great Italian composers of music such as Vivaldi, (violin), and artists such as Leonardo Da Vince and Michelangelo. Famous Italian authors include Carlo Collodi who wrote Pinnichio.



Celebrations and Holidays

Many Italians celebrate Christmas on January 6 rather than the 25th. Instead of Santa Claus, they have an old woman name “Befana” who rides through the air on a broom while dropping presents down the chimney for the good children and lumps of coal for the naughty ones.

They also hold summer fairs in each of the small towns to celebrate wine making, fruits blooming, and vegetables flourishing. After all of the eating, the partygoers dance all night.


Famous Places and Interesting Facts

"Buon appetito" is what you say to people before a meal in Italy.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Coliseum


Roman Aquaduct

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