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Country: France

Capital City: Paris

Population: 60.6 million

Area: 547,000 sq. km

Major Ethnic Groups: French, other European, African, and Southeast Asian

Language: French

Money: French Franc, Euro

National Flag:



France has a varied climate. Parts of the country in the North and West, have humid summers and mild winters. In the South, it is hot and dry in the summer and mild in the winter, whereas the East has cold winters and nice summers.



A lot of delicious food comes from France such as crepes, quiche, cheeses, baguettes, (bread), and escargots, (snails in garlic butter). The French are also the biggest producers of wine in the world.


Recreation and the Arts

The French enjoy a variety of sports and games. One of the most popular is an annual bicycle race called the “Tour de France” where cyclists have to ride 20 different races through different parts of the country. They also like to watch soccer, car racing and tennis.

Did you know that the cartoon “Babar the Elephant “was invented by Frenchman Jean de Brunhoff?


Celebrations and Holidays

France celebrates many Christian holidays on the calendar, including Easter and Christmas. They also celebrate “Bastille Day” where they set off fireworks to celebrate their history.


Famous Places and Interesting Facts

The most famous place to visit in France is the Eiffel Tower located in Paris. It is a 320 metre high tower built in 1889. Until 1931, it was the tallest building in the world.

Notre Dame

Arc de Triomphe

Tour de France

Eiffel Tower


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