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Country: England

Capital City: London

Population: 60.4 million

Area: 130,439 sq. km

Major Ethnic Groups: English, South Asian

Language: English

Money: Pound sterling

National Flag:



England has a maritime temperate climate which means it is a mild country. It is a very rainy country with lots of green grass and rolling hills. Each year, the north receives an average of 1,600 mm of rain. In the South and Central parts of England, it rains less than 800 mm.

The coldest months are December, January and February, when the temperature is usually between 3 and 6°C. In July and August, the temperature averages between 16 and 21°C.



English people like to eat traditional English meals, for example: steak and kidney pie, shepard’s pie, and bangers and mash, (sausages and mashed potatoes). In the afternoon, English people like to enjoy a cup of tea and a pastry.


Recreation and the Arts

English people enjoy lots of different games such as cricket, soccer, (football) and rugby. A city may have more than one team and the fans get very excited over their favourite. They will wear the team shirts, and wave flags for their team.

Some wonderful children’s authors come from England, such as J.K. Rowling who wrote the Harry Potter series.


Celebrations and Holidays

England officially celebrates many Christian holidays including Easter, Christmas, New Year’s, although they call Santa Claus, “Father Christmas”. Another special holiday is Guy Fawkes Night on November 5. Fireworks are used to celebrate and show their happiness.


Famous Places and Interesting Facts

The Queen has two birthdays: her real birthday in April and an official birthday celebrated on a Saturday in June. The highlight of her official birthday is a special parade, known as the Trooping of the Colour, in London.

The Thames River


Tower of London

Big Ben


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