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Country: Canada

Capital: Ottawa

Population: 32.8 million

Area: 9.9 million sq. km

Major Ethnic Groups: English, French, Original Peoples, and about 160 other ethnic groups

Languages: English and French

Money: Canadian dollar

National Flag:



Canada has four distinct seasons throughout most of the country. In the winter the snow falls and there are short cold days. In the spring, the snow melts and the farmers plant their crops. The summers are hot and humid, and in autumn, the leaves turn bright colours and fall off the trees. The Northern part of Canada is a cold desert where hardly any people live



The food Canadians eat depends upon where they live. On the Coasts, many Canadians eat seafood including lobster and salmon. Those who live in Quebec eat a traditional meat pie called Tourtiere, and all Canadians enjoy maple syrup. Now a days, with so many cultures living in Canada, Canadians enjoy eating pizza, pasta, and spicy rice and noodle dishes.


Recreation and the Arts

Canadians love to watch all types of sports, especially hockey. It is the most popular sport in the country. Others that are enjoyed include soccer, basketball, football, skiing, and canoeing.

Many artists are inspired by the nature of Canada. The most famous Canadian group is the Group of Seven who painted pictures of Canada’s natural beauty. There are also numerous famous authors who are Canadian, such as Robert Munsch and Phoebe Gillman.




Celebrations and Holidays

Canadians officially celebrate many Christian holidays including Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter. Another special holiday is Canada Day, which takes place every July 1st and celebrates Canada’s independence. People have barbeques, picnics, and set off fire-works to show their happiness with their country.

As more immigrants come to Canada, there are other holidays being recognized such as Diwali, Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa, etc...


Famous Places and Interesting Facts

Niagara Falls is one of Canada’s most famous landmarks. The Falls are 54 m high and are in the shape of a horseshoe. The Falls are used to help create hydroelectricity.

Canadian Parliament

CN Tower

Canadian Rocky Mountains

Niagara Falls


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